Get the Look - Winter is Here

Get the Look - Winter is Here

The magic of winter is upon us and with the winter months comes a fresh colour palette for us to play. The mystic and magnificent shades of winter are perfect as base colours for a room as the cooler, more muted tones of winter shades provide a bright airiness to your interior.

Layering or using a combination of two shades in one room can highlight the tone you are working towards beautifully. Consider using one shade for your walls and another of similar tone for skirting boards or cupboard doors to maximise the winter wonderland effect!



Bearing in mind the colour scheme and tones best suited to achieving your desired look, winter is all about comfort so choose pieces that you can feel snug in.
The Vannes seat have colour and comfort all in one. Contemporary in style and comfortable to sit in, choose a bold blue to enhance the colour scheme in your room with a pop of colour or choose a more muted grey shade as an option to add colour elsewhere with other pieces and accessories.

Vannes 1 Seater Grey - £296.95 Vannes 1 Seater Blue - £296.95

Vannes 2 Seater Blush Pink - £510.00

The 2 seater is great for company!

Looks gorgeous by the window if you have a bay window, in a living room or conservatory.

Lille Wine Cabinet - £1,917.00

With company in mind this drinks cabinet is a must!

Perfect for hosting and storing your drinks for the festive season.


From the very seasonal to the season inspired accessories we have an array of products and ideas available for you.

Winter Fun - £71.95

A beautiful choice that is sure to bring festive cheer to your home. The winter fun bronze ornament is intricately detailed of a boy, girls and a dog on a sled and would be an amazing gift for the winter months.

Christmas Village - £821.95
This statement Bronze Christmas Village Scene with its light up windows will be a great addition to your festive decorating. It will look great in any home or shop.

If you would prefer a look more inspired by the seasons but is appropriate for year-long enjoyment, these may suit you.

The cool shades of this damask printed grey lamp with white linen shade, add a touch of vintage glamour while simultaneously emanating shades of cool winter tones.

Aubrey Lamp - £194.50

Fire Screen Gold - £99.95

This beautiful ornate design is suitable for traditional or glam styling.

The Ebony Fire Screen - £102.50

A stunning alternative if the gold fire screen doesn’t match your décor exactly! The ebony is a gorgeous finish.

What’s better than cosying up to a warm fire on a winters day?!


Lanterns create an ambiance of warmth and comfort. Especially effective for a romantic night in over the cold winter months!

Amber Lantern - £122.95 Orla Lantern Small - £102.50 Ruby Lantern Large - £71.50

Fairy lights are also a year-round accessory that are the ideal alternative to candles if needs be!

What’s more wintery than twinkling lights and pretty lanterns?

* If it’s Christmas décor you’re looking for check back in with us for an update of what’s to offer. *

Some of our pieces are already selling quickly in store!

Whatever the Weather We’re Here to Help!

Mindy Brownes has an interior design service readily available to assist you in all your interior décor endeavours and all the staff are here to help. Enquire in store for suggestions if you’re struggling to decide. We would encourage you to have a picture of the space on hand – whether you’re browsing yourself or seeking assistance - as it can be helpful to visualise the piece in your space and match to your colour scheme. Happy Hunting!

For more ideas for your home or to see what we have coming in store follow us on Facebook and Instagram at Mindy Brownes Interiors.

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