About Genesis Fine Arts.

Genesis Fine Arts, an Irish brand that originated in the Lake District of Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, has undergone significant development over the last 30 years and is now one of the most beloved and highly-regarded giftware collections in Ireland. The collection comprises a variety of items including Fine Art Sculpture, Clocks, Occasional, Frames, Traditional, Tourist Range and Christmas items. The creation of these unique pieces is a lengthy and intricate process, with our in-house designers bringing their sketches and artwork to life in 3D with the help of highly skilled craftsmanship.

New pieces are continually being added to our collections each season, with a particular focus on Occasional and Fine Art Sculpture, and our designers stay up-to-date with current trends and ideas. While our collections are most prominent in the giftware sector, we also receive commissions for both public and private spaces. We are delighted to share our new sculptures this season and hope that our latest collections inspire you.

About Mindy Brownes Interiors

Mindy Brownes, an Irish interior design company that has been in operation for the past 20 years, originated and grew in the heart of Co. Westmeath's Lake District. Our collection comprises occasional furniture, luxurious upholstery, lighting, mirrors, clocks, and accessories. Our inspiration comes from global interior trends and our extensive experience in design, manufacturing, and retail.

At Mindy Brownes, our in-house designers design, develop and bring to market products and home interiors that suit every home. We pride ourselves on offering collections and products that are unique to our brand and in keeping with the traditional yet timeless look and feel of Mindy Brownes Interiors. Our collections include statement pieces that are beloved by interior lovers and top interior designers.

Our designers are continually searching for new ideas, textures, and finishes for our soft furnishings and furniture pieces. Our lighting collection is continually evolving with new designs and a mix of materials that create truly unique lighting.

We are excited to launch many new lines for the upcoming season. We believe that we have delivered on creativity, quality, and timeless style, which are essential to Mindy Brownes Interiors. We hope that our new collections inspire you as much as they did us.