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Reading Time Boy

SKU: WW003


Discover a scene that resonates with the tranquility of learning, a young boy engrossed in a world of imagination, sitting beside a stack of cherished books.

Crafted with an attention to detail that captivates the essence of a quiet moment, this sculpture embodies the joy of exploration and the intimacy of diving into the realms of literature. Delicately sculpted, it captures the essence of a reflective, peaceful demeanor inviting you to pause, ponder, and embrace the beauty of contemplation.

Place this charming sculpture on your desk, shelf, or mantle, and let it infuse your space with a sense of curiosity and intellectual allure.

A tribute to the timeless pursuit of knowledge, it serves as a poignant reminder of the power of stories and the joy found within the pages of a book.

This sculpture would also make a wonderful gift for the reading fanatic in your life. 


H13cm W 14cm D 13cm

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